What I Do, What I Don’t, and What It Costs


I picked up my first Tarot deck in 1970, and I’ve been doing psychic readings for people ever since. I use the Tarot and various trance techniques to get practical information for clients in response to specific questions concerning the past, the present, or the future.

I work by appointment face-to-face, over the telephone, via Skype, and via email. I work with individual clients, couples, and groups. I also hold workshops, psychic training classes, and open channeled question and answer groups throughout the year. In addition, I design and create custom Tarot decks and have authored a Tarot-based personality and life-purpose evaluation system called The Tarot of You, which I am preparing for publication in the next year or so.

Topics I explore with clients include life purpose clarification, business, prosperity, investments, house and land, pets, jobs, career, relationships, love, romance, family, wellness, relocation, education choices, spirituality, psychic phenomena, reincarnation, spiritual gifts, and others.

I claim neither spiritual authority nor infallibility. I believe that reason and intuition are partners and both are necessary for balanced decision making. I can make mistakes, I can be wrong, and I can be misled by a cynical client. Furthermore, I assume that any future I may see for a client can be changed depending on client action or inaction. Having said this, I have a track record of success sufficient for many of my clients to have referred me to their friends and coworkers. Referral is how I build my business.

As an openly gay man, I am GLBTQA friendly and welcome inquiries from persons of all backgrounds.

FEES: My standard fee for a session is $125.00 US funds. From first time clients I accept cash, payments via PayPal, and money orders; from established clients, I also accept cheques. Payment is due within one (1) week of services rendered. If you are in economic distress, I can negotiate fees with you, so do not let my standard fee rate keep you from contacting me if you wish a reading. Gift vouchers are also available if you wish to purchase reading time for family or friends.

If you would like to book a reading with me, telephone me at 505-469-9782 or email me at chrononaut61@gmail.com. I look forward to speaking with you.


About Rand B. Lee

Since the mid-1980s Rand B. Lee has served an international clientele as a professional psychic specializing in life-purpose, career, love, wellness, relationships, spiritual development, prosperity, recovery, the Tarot and trancework. Rand works with individuals, couples, and groups in person, over the telephone, or via Skype.
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